The Believer's Goodness

I am sure that you have met people or known people who you would call good people. They are people who truly cared about you and thought about you in a good way. They tried to teach you to live your life in a righteous way. They did all that they could, to help you in your times of need and difficulty. Truly we can say that God placed these people in your life so that you would know Him better. It is important for each of us to see that this is what God would have us to become as well, in relation to other people around us.
The importance of this study cannot be underestimated when we realize that true goodness is one of the fruit of the Spirit. You cannot become a truly good person without grace changing you and Christ helping you. And therefore, I would like to show you 1st of all from the Bible, that people are not essentially good in their nature before conversion to Christ. That, really, it is only God who is essentially good in His nature. And 2nd – That it is Christ's grace imparted to your soul as a Christian that is transforming you into a truly good person.

Apr 28, 2024
Sunday Afternoon
Galatians 5:22; Matthew 19:16-22
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