Being What You Are: Having Too Low a View of Regeneration - Romans 6 (See Description)

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In this very important message Paul preaches about those even in the Reformed Camp that have too LOW a view of Regeneration and its effects.

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This message lays down a foundation for some of the truths in Charles Leiter's book 'Justification & Regeneration' (which Paul Washer wrote the foreword to). Leiter's book is sold at Monergism.com (click on the "Outside Web Link" Below) or go to:

It is also a good foundational message for Tim Conway's messages on Romans 7:




Note: The Video for this Paul Washer sermon was done in a very unique animation style using photos of Paul preaching (not just a basic slide show), but it is not an actual video of Paul preaching.

Sermon ID 428082310290
Duration 54:51
Date Jun 11, 2007
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Romans 6
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