(7) Why Should I Believe the Bible?

To take the Bible seriously requires asking important questions about its authority. How do we know that the Scriptures accurately preserve what God intended to say about himself and his plan for the salvation of sinners? How do we know that the Bible contains the right number of books? Is the Bible worthy to regulate the beliefs and actions of people in every age?

If this book is the word of God then it has the right to speak to us with divine authority and we must believe "without a doubt all things contained in them."

So is only natural to ask if there are reasons to believe that the sixty-six books of Scripture are God's special revelation to us. The Belgic Confession explores this question by introducing the word "canonical." The Greek word "canon" refers to a standard or rule. To say that these books are canonical means that they conform to a norm of trustworthiness.

So, what are the reasons "We receive all these books, and these only, as holy and canonical, for the regulating, founding, and confirmation of our faith?"

Apr 28, 2024
Sunday - PM
1 Corinthians 2
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