Focus on Israel and the Middle East


The Middle East is always a hotbed of activity and often in the crosshairs is the nation of Israel, a nation whose land mass is about the size of New Jersey. Yet her enemies continue the vow to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. And indeed, there is an escalation of Anti-Semitism taking place around the globe.

While this is going on, there are clashes on the Temple Mount, negotiations with Iran to go nuclear, and a growing domination by nations such as Russia and Communist China.

With a focus on Israel and the Middle East, we welcomed back Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Jr. He is a speaker, teacher, Mideast guide, videographer, and speaker on Prophecy Today. He lived and worked in Jerusalem for many years, is a fully credentialed journalist, and has led numerous tours to Israel.

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Date Apr 27, 2022
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