No One Can Separate Us

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Text: Romans 8:31-34

All right, let’s turn to Romans chapter 8 again this morning. Romans chapter 8. We have been considering in some depth the ministry of the Holy Spirit in this chapter, and we are profoundly enriched by what Paul gives us here of divine insight into the Spirit’s work. What prompted the series emphasizing the Holy Spirit is a feeling in my own heart and the sense – and I think it’s an accurate one – that there’s a member of the Trinity who gets left out in Christian worship and Christian discussion and Christian teaching and in Christian living, and He is the very member of the Trinity to whom we are most indebted for our Christian experience, and that is none other than the Holy Spirit.

Just in general, Christian worship today is more about style than it is about substance. It’s more about feeling than it is about fact. It’s more about self than it is about the Savior. It’s more about therapy than theology. It’s more about the secular than the sacred. It’s more about good feelings than the glory of God. And as we have endeavored to look at the woeful state of Christian worship today, it strikes us that while we do give some attention to God the Father and sing songs about His attributes, and we give much attention to Christ and sing songs about His person and work, very little is said about the Holy Spirit. If we are to worship God fully and totally, we must worship Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...

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Duration 28:30
Date Oct 9, 2016
Category TV Broadcast
Bible Text Romans 8:31-34
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