John 3:16 Again, Racialism, CBGM, Peterson/Shapiro Dialogue


Covered a TON of important material today. Started off responding to an Arminian attempt to spin the discussion of John 3:16 and the phrase πᾶς ὁ πιστεύων (every one believing). Then we moved on to some developments on the racialism front. From there we switched gears and addressed the claim that CGBM will cause all of the past three hundred years of textual critical work to be thrown in the trash bin. And then finally we played the entirety of the Jordan Peterson/Ben Shapiro dialogue on Christianity and Judaism, interacting with it and hopefully providing some important balance. A ton of stuff for everyone today!

Sermon ID 4241882100
Duration 1:53:38
Date Apr 24, 2018
Category Radio Broadcast
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