Better Hope

In the life of the mind, what we set our eyes upon shapes and aims the rest of our life. We seek and we search looking for that which we desire, that for which we hope. But all too often our hope is set upon the shallow, upon the passing, upon the flesh. These hopes that drive us on, are really just a longing for escape… but real hope is not built upon a desire away from; true hope is fashioned from a desire toward. And more, it is birthed from the power of God to fulfill its longing. It is fashioned out of the stuff of our soul's hunger. The scripture promises us that hope is the purview of those who are found in Christ, because hope is derived from and defined by His finished work on the cross. It supersedes all other desires, transmutes all other promises, transforms all other motives, and becomes that which both enlivens and guards the mind and life.

Apr 21, 2024
Sunday Service
Hebrews 7:19
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