The Days of Punishment Have Come

"The point here is that God is withdrawing His blessing from His people and sending them into exile where they would not be able to celebrate their feasts of worship. And as I think about how this applies to us today, I see the favor of God being withdrawn from the church. You see Christianity used to be honored in America. Stores would not be open on Sunday, schools had prayer, pastors would be respected, but now the church is looked at with suspicion and the Christian faith has been exiled from the public square. Imagine a scenario in which our most holy days would not be rightly honored. I think we're there right now when we have a President who proclaims Easter, the high holy day of our faith, as Transgender Visibility Day. Friends when the President of the United States, a professing devout Roman Catholic, is doing that on Easter Sunday, the church is in exile. We have lost the favor of the Lord and it's because of decades of spiritual unfaithfulness."

Apr 21, 2024
Sunday Service
Hosea 9
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