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Here's your weekly selection of highlights from the Crosstalk news desk:

--Both houses of the Florida legislature have voted to eliminate Disney World's special privileges that have essentially established the company as its own private government.

--A new poll shows that the once beloved Walt Disney Company is quickly losing the trust of American's amid the company's continuing efforts to push the left's radical agenda.

--The stock value of the Walt Disney Company took an icy dive after parents and conservative leaders exposed the company for feeding "woke" values to children.

--Immigration and Customs Enforcement is expected to release more than a half million illegal aliens into the interior of the U.S. over the next six months.

--More than 2 dozen GOP governors have signed up to push back against the Biden administration's border chaos, forming the American Governor's Border Strike Force to share intelligence on threats to their communities that come across the U.S./Mexico border.

--Illinois has started providing free health care to more illegal immigrants.

--President Biden announced another 800 million dollars in military aid for Ukraine.

--Russia has launched the diabolical new "Satan II" missile that could destroy a region the size of France.

--In multiple interviews, Dr. Anthony Fauci has weighed in on the Monday ruling from a U.S. district judge which struck down the travel mask mandate.

--A Virginia doctor was awarded a commendation by the state legislature for his advances in alternative COVID treatments, only to be notified a few days later by the state's medical licensing board that he was under investigation for the same treatments.

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