Drawing the Lines: Matt Walsh, Serene Jones, Ron Underwood


Did a live DL from London (Westminster) today via Zoom (worked really well!) discussing how we "draw the lines," using three examples to provide us with some perspective for this challenging discussion. We looked at Matt Walsh, Roman Catholic, who was interviewed on the CrossPolitic program last week. Then we looked at Serene Jones, head of Union Theological Seminary, and comments she made in a recent NYT article. Then we looked at comments made directly to me and about me by Ron Underwood, a Denver area resident who, I think, would find John Calvin insufficiently Calvinistic. How do we know what is definitional of the faith? What about inconsistencies? Traditions? Are Arminians all lost and going to hell? Are Calvinists going to hell if they are not sufficiently hard-nosed about it? What about Rome? Lots of things to think about today from London!

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Date Apr 22, 2019
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