Lively Stones on Palm Sunday

Featured on Apr 12, 2014

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday upon a lowly colt, the people cried out His praises and fame.

This was necessary that the Scripture might be fulfilled. Centuries earlier, Zechariah had foretold the entrance of the King, but in humility and lowliness, bringing righteousness and salvation to Israel.

And sure enough, the Savior brought salvation, which He would finish in less than a week's time, but the people understood it not.

Jesus knew Israel would reject Him and His salvation. He wept over Jerusalem, and rebuked the leaders for their rebellion against God's Christ.

He reminded them of the Psalmist's prophecy that they would reject the cornerstone, but no matter: a great building would be built upon Him. It would be all the Lord's doing, and it would be marvelous in our eyes!

How would that building be accomplished in Israel's rejection? Christ Himself gave the key when He exclaimed that if the praise of Israel ceased, God would cause the stones to cry out His glory!

At the very beginning of His ministry, John the Baptist told the rebellious leaders that God could raise up children of Abraham from cold dead stones.

Sure enough, Israel's praise grew silent, but Christ must be glorified. So God raised up children of Abraham from the stones, from the Gentiles, and has built Christ's Church upon the precious cornerstone! It is all the Lord's doing!

We Saints today are the very stones that God has raised up, children of Abraham by faith of Abraham, to render praise and honor to the Lord Jesus!

Indeed, we are lively stones built into the temple upon that rejected cornerstone. Christ's praise has not ceased; God has seen to it!

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Duration 39:55
Date Apr 17, 2011
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Luke 19:37-40; Zechariah 9:9
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