Christian Renewal Focused on True Knowledge of Christ vs. Neo-Marxism then CBGM


Not sure a program could have two more different topics, but I managed to pull it off today! Spent the first 55 minutes starting off with a study of Colossians 3:9-11. I then focused upon what this text means as to the proper, biblical basis of Christian unity in the body of Christ. I then made application to the growing promotion of neo-Marxism in the West and, sadly, in the evangelical church as well. Tough topics to cover. Then we completely switched gears and I began a very, very basic introduction to CGBM: Coherence-Based Genealogical Methodology in New Testament textual criticism. Yes, it’s THAT geeky. But, we have folks who like in-depth stuff like that, and I am neck-deep in it in my own studies, so that’s what we did! Enjoy!

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Duration 1:38:14
Date Apr 2, 2018
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