3 Godly Men that Changed Computer History

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Brantley Coile stumbled upon programing in the 70s when he enrolled in an elective Statistics and FORTRAN course as an undergrad at University of Georgia.

His first program was written on punch cards, and once it ran there was no looking back: programming became his life's passion.

After cutting his teeth in the tech industry as a systems developer, he invented Network Address Translation and created the PIX Firewall technologies that were acquired by Cisco Systems in 1995.

He went on to invent the ATA-over-Ethernet Protocol in 2002, a lightweight method of network storage. It was this invention that led to his founding Coraid, Inc., for which he served as CTO until 2013.

In 2014 he founded SouthSuite, Inc., a software-only storage company working to advance AoE for implementation in the modern data center with all its cloud storage needs. SouthSuite will continue to advance AoE technology using its Coraid-branded storage software appliance.


The Computer Science Department at Bob Jones University hosted the inaugural lecture of the SermonAudio Technology Lecture Series on April 18 at 7 pm.

The SermonAudio Technology Lecture Series features informative and educational presentations focusing on the latest advancements and trends in technology utilized by the SermonAudio platform.

For this inaugural lecture, we have invited Brantley Coile, inventor and pioneer in the computing industry, to speak on the topic "Three Godly Men That Changed Computer History." Among his accomplishments, Brantley holds the fundamental patent on the Network Address Translation (NAT) protocol. He also invented the first firewall and load balancer for CISCO.

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