Billy Graham: Forerunner to Antichrist

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Billy Graham was an inclusivist (nice term for apostate) and was from the beginning. He admitted it. John R. Rice, Bob Jones Sr., Carl McIntire and others exposed it and Graham's own ministry confirms it.

Billy Graham preached a watered-down Gospel and a false 'christ' who does not call Roman Catholics, Orthodox or other pagans out of their idolatry. Graham's 'christ' does not even DESIRE Jews and Muslims to convert!

We will listen to Billy's own words from his own mouth, starting in 1949. We will read quotations from his massive propaganda machine. We will read these admissions from Billy's own autobiography.

Billy Graham sent millions of unwary seekers from a 'sinner's prayer' into the clutches of the Whore of Revelation 17. We must WARN our loved ones and stand against Graham's 'evil empire'.

This is a message that all true Bible Believers MUST have as we prepare for the final days of this end time delusion that is sweeping Christendom and has swallowed nearly all of evangelicalism and much of professing fundamentalism already.


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Duration 1:00:49
Date Apr 21, 2008
Category Teaching
Bible Text 1 John 4:1; Matthew 7:15
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