The Vows of Reformed Baptism

In the reformed tradition parents bringing their children for baptism are asked three questions that are vital for godly parenting. They demand that parents know their children, believe the Christian faith, and raise their children in the way of the covenant. These questions are so foundational that they apply to all of us as we disciple the next generation.

And these questions can help all of us examine ourselves. First, as we must know our children, so we must know who we are in Adam, in Christ, and in the covenant community. Second, we must believe the Bible and the system of Scripture—we must be theological, not merely religious. Third, as parents must teach children, all of us must strive to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. So in ways relevant to your situation, consider these questions.

Apr 21, 2024
Sunday - AM
Genesis 18:17-19
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