The POPE'S Favourite Bible Verse?


Extensive study of John Paul II’s written documents and published statements turns up repeated reference to one Bible verse; John 19:27: “Then saith He to the disciple, ‘Behold thy mother!’"

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger ended his homily at the Pope's funeral mass with a prayer to Mary and a reference to John Paul’s fondness for John 19:27: “The Holy Father...heard the words of the crucified Lord as addressed personally to him: ‘Behold your Mother.’ (John 19:27). Totus tuus."

Pope John Paul II was a supreme Mariolator! The motto he adopted for his Pontificate centred on his devotion to Mary..."Totus tuus" ["Totally Yours"].

This sermon traces John Paul II's slavish pursuit of the worship of Mary, and reveals how he believed Mary would be the key in reconciling the faiths of Rome, the Orthodox churches, Protestantism and Islam.

  1. The PROMOTION of Mariolatry:
    An examination of the Pope's single-minded loyalty to the 'goddess cult' of Mary;

  2. The PROGRESS of Mariolatry:
    Emphasising how Mary is seen as the figurehead for the one-world religion God labels a 'spiritual whore' - and outlining how Mel Gibson's Passion softens Protestant opposition to Mariolatry.

  3. The PERVERSENESS of Mariolatry:
    The Biblical teaching about Mary; from her own lips come the admissions that she was a) A Sinner and b) A Servant.

It is interesting to note, in his first speech as the new Pope, Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) stated: "Mary, his most beloved Mother, stands on our side."

Sermon ID 418053411
Duration 53:52
Date Apr 17, 2005
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text John 19:27
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