Despised and Rejected

43 ( 34 | 9 )

Jesus was the Son of Man Who was promised to receive an everlasting Kingdom. A few of the disciples had recently seen a glimpse of His glory on the Mount of Transfiguration. They knew the Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming Messiah and the future glorious resurrection, but they were confused. Based on some of these prophecies, they knew that "Elijah" was supposed to come and be the Messiah's forerunner. "Elijah" was a core part of the Jews' hope of the Messiah's coming. Jesus explained to His disciples that "Elijah" had already come in the person of John the Baptist.

The Jewish thought in Jesus' day missed the key element of the Messiah's suffering and death. They expected that after "Elijah" came, the Messiah would lead them in a revolt against Rome and then they would enjoy a glorious kingdom. But they failed to realize that Isaiah 53:3 had to happen, too.

Redemption from sin was going to come at the cost of Christ's own blood. And then the disciples would be called to go forth to the ends of the earth and testify that the Messiah has indeed come! He is alive, and He has fulfilled all the prophecies. Take hope! In His Providence, the Lord lined up eveyrhing for Jesus to come and save the souls of sinners!

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Duration 35:25
Date Apr 16, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 9:9-13
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