Acts 28:1-31 Shipwrecked on Malta - Arrival at Rome

Shipwrecked on Malta - Arrival at Rome
As promised by the Lord through Paul everyone makes it to shore alive. Paul ministers to the people of Malta and prays for many healings. The island people of Malta showed them much kindness and gave provisions for the ship's refugees. After three months on the island they boarded a ship that had wintered there and went first to Syracuse working their way toward Rome. Paul was met with the brethren at Three Inns. Once in Rome Julius the centurion turned the prisoners over to the captain of the guard while Paul was permitted to dwell by himself under house arrest. Shortly after Paul meets with the Jewish leaders and explains his plight. Paul also testified to the kingdom of God and dwelt two years in his own rented house preaching and teaching. Recorded on April 13, 2022 Running Time: 28 Minutes.

Apr 14, 2022
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Acts 28
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