Jihad: Islam's Unholy War


Since the September 11th Islamic terror attack on the U.S., the West has become aware of the Arabic word "jihad." What is jihad? Is it true that Islam typically does not spread by evidence, but rather by the threat of the sword?

Listen to some of the recent headlines:

Washington State Man Reads the Qur'an Gets the Idea to Kill a Woman

Egypt: Muslim Screaming "Allahu Akbar" Stabs His Christian Neighbor Seven Times

Woman Adds Rat Poison to Husband's Food in Plot to Kill Him for Converting to Christianity

How can there be so much death and violence in what is called "a peaceful religion?" And what about Ramadan? Why so much Islamic terror in a month of self-evaluation and fasting?

Usama Dakdok joined Crosstalk to discuss these points in detail.

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Date Apr 11, 2022
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