Descendants and Dispersion

Weekly Prayer: Heavenly Father, despite Your judgment, the egoism, sexual immorality, and viciousness of Cain's line pick right back up after the flood. That same self-worship dominates our own time. For the sake of Your great Name, save us from ourselves. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Weekly Quote: "It is part of our depraved nature to believe that with a little more progress in education, technology, and/or political engineering, we who have fallen can lift ourselves up. From Icarus to the builders of Babel onward, we have yielded to this temptation to believe in ourselves. Our refusal to trust in the Triune God's grace through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and not to trust in ourselves mires us in the muck of our depravity. Our depravity keeps us from learning truth." – Bruce Waltke

Mar 17, 2024
Sunday Service
Genesis 9:18-11:9
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