First Road Trip DL in NEW Mobile Command Unit!

I am on the road, only about ninety minutes from home, doing a quick, brief shake-down run with the new fifth wheel. Have to test all the systems out to make sure we are ready to head to Utah in a few weeks for the debate at the University of Utah! We started out reviewing some of the key issues raised in the discussion Jeff Durbin and I had with Brandan Robertson that premiered today on Apologia Radio https://youtu.be/ti0FzdOHW_8. Then we connected these issues with an odd element of Trent Horn's argumentation against sola scriptura, as discussed on the preceding episode of the Dividing Line. Our sincere thanks to all who have donated to help us press forward with our mobile studio project. Please continue to help us by going here https://www.aomin.org/aoblog/support-us/ and using the drop-down menu to choose the mobile studio project! Still much to do (and to pay for!).

Mar 9, 2023
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