How Can We Witness if We don't know What the Gospel is?

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A few years ago my friend and mentor John MacArthur preached at our church on Wednesday night. This was his message:

There's a cure for the SIN virus! We are given the responsibility to disseminate the cure. That's the only reason we're here.

If we were saved purely for fellowship--we might as well go to heaven now, because the fellowship here on earth is imperfect.

If we were saved to have triumph over sin—then we might as well go to heaven because the triumph here is severely checkered and we all live somewhere in Romans 7—wanting to do what we don't do, and not wanting to do what we find ourselves doing.

God left you here to share the Gospel with the people around you. Most people have some idea of what the Gospel is, but they don't have a good enough grasp to share the good news.

There's one thing we can do here that we can't do in heaven, and that is the ministry of reconciliation. That term defines the heart and soul of our responsibility as believers in the world.

God will forgive ALL your sins FOREVER—are you interested?

This is what we live for, preach for, this is what we die for—that people will be reconciled to God.

Sermon ID 3907235851
Duration 58:50
Date Mar 18, 1998
Category Midweek Service
Bible Text 2 Corinthians 5:18-21; Titus 1:1-3
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