Watch Out!

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In this passage in Mark's Gospel, we have two warnings. First, Jesus told His disciples to watch out for the Pharisees. Sadly, they are found even in the church. They are deeply religious and they are deeply engrained in what they believe. But the essence of their teaching is promoting a system of self-righteousness – an "I have done it all perfectly" attitude. The question is, when will you ever be certain that you have become holy enough to get into heaven? And if "make yourself holy" is your theology, why do you even need a Savior?

Jesus' second warning to His disciples was to watch out for Herod. He was not an atheist. In fact, he even worshiped at the Jewish temple. He mixed religion into the rest of his wicked life. Unfortunately, the Church is filled with these people, too – people who think that mixing Christianity into their life will enrich them and make everything great.

Neither the Pharisees nor the Herodians have any room in their life for Jesus. They are like two ditches on opposite sides of the strait and narrow way, and we need to watch out so that we don't slide into either. We must keep our eyes focused on Christ. The disciples missed the point and thought that He was talking to them about physical bread. But their focus should have been on the One giving them the bread. Jesus is the Bread of life from heaven. It is He, and not we ourselves, who are righteous; and He has clothed us in the spotless robe of His perfect righteousness. Our eyes must be on Him as both Savior and Lord, and then we will be prevented from sliding into the ditches of Pharisaic legalism and pseudo-spirituality without Christ.

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Duration 25:23
Date Mar 5, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 8:11-21
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