Power Of An Endless Life

Everything about Jesus is new and different, for the power of His endless life alters the whole of creation… it skews the entire fabric of reality around the cross and all He accomplished there. He will never fade away nor will He ever cease to be everything He was and is. He is the bedrock of all things; and He brings that newness and its eternal foundations to bear upon the question of His priesthood. That priesthood is itself a declaration of His supremacy over the one unanswerable question and the one unavoidable reality of our existence: Death. We all seek power over it, but it looms like an obelisk in the center of our mental landscapes… It is the exclamation point of our mortality. But this obelisk itself dies in the shadow of the cross, and by the hand of the unparalleled priest who holds the power of endless life!

Mar 3, 2024
Sunday Service
Hebrews 7:14-16
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