God is Greater Than Man

Elihu is now going to take up his inspired discourse and speak to Job and his three friends, and all who were gathered there that day. He says to Job in verse 6 – "Truly I am as your spokesman before God." He wanted to faithfully represent Job to everyone present. And he even wanted to represent Job to God. He too wanted to find a righteous answer as to why these awful things had happened to Job. He believed that Job was a righteous man. In order to be faithful in his speech he rightly understood that he must first and foremostly defend God Himself before all these people.
This he was very eager to do. And so, what I want to do in this message is 1st of all – Relate to you, Elihu's defense of himself as becoming Job's spokesman. (verses 1-7) 2nd – I want to relate to you Elihu's defense of God for His not answering Job thus far. (verses 8-13) And 3rd – I want to relate to you Elihu's defense of some of God's purposes in His permitting a trial like this to come upon Job. (verses 14-18) By means of relating Elihu's defense of God, we will come to better understand God's reason for sending Christ into the world to save sinners.

Mar 3, 2024
Sunday Afternoon
Job 33:1-18; Psalm 32:8-11
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