Wine and Strong Drink - No License to Drink Alcohol


A thorough two-part study combined here into one audio message, proving from the Scriptures that the Christian has NO BASIS or excuse in scripture to justify even the moderate drinking of alcohol. In Part 1 we first briefly consider the harmful physiological effects on the human body that result even from moderate consumption of alcohol, and we then prove both from the scriptures and from history that the word "wine" in the Bible does not always mean alcoholic wine, but in many cases clearly means non-fermented grape juice fresh out of the press; and further that the term "strong drink" NEVER means the hard liquors available today, but simply means undiluted, alcoholic wine.

In part 2 we prove from the Bible that the wine that Jesus made from water was non-alcoholic "new wine", and also that the other favorite scriptures of Christian drinkers (Dt. 14:26 and 1 Tim. 5:23) provide ZERO license or excuse for Christians to drink alcohol even in moderation.

Sermon ID 34191931495622
Duration 1:32:44
Date Feb 25, 2019
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text John 2:1-11; Proverbs 20:1
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