For the Joy Set before Him - Part 8 & 9

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This video has both Parts 8 and 9 in it (part 9 starts at 1:06:40) and the audio/video are lined up together (unlike the one on the HeartCry Website).

Info for part 8:
Before the foundation of the world, God ordained to save a people out of the multitude of sinful humanity that they might be for the glory, honor, and praise of the Son. In accordance with the will of the Father, and in view of this joy set before Him - the joy of redeeming a people of His very own.

-John 17:24
Pages covered: 48

Info for Part 9:

Pages covered: 49, 50

  • The Joy of Gaining a Redeemed People
  • Psalm 2:8
  • Isaiah 53:11

Posted on HeartCry 9/17/2008

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Sermon ID 3409131813
Duration 1:38:49
Date Jan 18, 2009
Category Teaching
Bible Text John 17:24; Psalm 2:8
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