Brokeback Mountain: Propaganda For Perversion!


'Brokeback Mountain' was widely expected to collect most of the prizes at the 78th Academy Awards (The Oscars) on March 5, 2006.

The film topped the pile with 8 nominations – and bookmakers William Hill made it their hottest favourite in history to win best film, at odds of 1/8.

As it turned out, it collected 3 Oscars, but missed out on the top prize - Best Picture Award.

Not that there is any room for complacence.

Those most closely involved with the production of this film realise the statement they have made:

• Director, Ang Lee: "I just had to do it. It told me so much about what love is about."

• Script writer, Diana Ossana has claimed the film was changing attitudes and starting a broader conversation about the nature of love.

She is correct – however, the 'love' this movie celebrates is perverse.

Though styled in the media as "a cowboy romance," 'Brokeback Mountain' is a story in which two ranch hands engage in a sodomite relationship, even after they go on to have wives and families.

It unashamedly promotes the practice of sodomy, portraying the family as a hostile environment and casting those who reject homosexuality as old-fashioned, naïve, and oppressive.

That such a movie can be acclaimed typifies the wickedness of the days in which we live.

Romans 1:32 is surely an appropriate soundtrack!

[NB. Parts of this message are a reworking and updating of material found in another sermon in this series, 'The Pink Plague'].

Sermon ID 3406194958
Duration 1:02:28
Date Mar 4, 2006
Category Current Events
Bible Text Romans 1:25-28
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