Biggest Curse of Our Day – A B. B. Caldwell Classic Sermon


The biggest curse of our day is the cult of high-pressure "soul winning." You may search the entire Bible, Old Testament and New, and you'll not find a more solemn thought than this. The Old Testament proselyting has been brought over into New Testament church order, without any warrant from Scripture.

Easy-believe, Arminian "soul winning" does more harm than all the beer joints, the dance parlors, the liquor traffic, gambling and drugs! It is filling Hell with people who are in the church and under God's condemnation, although thinking they are on the road to Eternal Heaven.

Listen as Bro. Caldwell delivers this most important warning — and may it please God under this sermon to show you His ABSOLUTE SOVEREIGNTY in this matter of HOW and WHEN and WHO are converted !!

Sermon ID 327082059551
Duration 43:02
Date Nov 23, 1974
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Matthew 23:15
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