James 4 Part 5: Your Life is a Vapor

The Test of Hope.
We sing, "When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay..." The question of today's message is simple: "Is He?"
When you are teetering on the edge of anger, and depression, and sorrows that threaten to swallow you up, what did it take to get you there and what is the only thing that is usually strong enough to pull you out of it, and get you going again? How difficult is it to get you going again?The man of the world is full, busy, and occupied with the gain, and growth, and projects, and promotions, pursuing desires, chasing pleasures, striving for "successes." These are the things he hopes in/// What does success look like to a man of the world? That will be determined by his expectations! He is doing what is right in his own eyes, setting goals, and using every strategy he agrees with to get there. ……….The appearance of temporary successes in a perishing and fleeting world are not the expectation of the saint of God. The saint enjoys much higher and loftier goals and pursuits; pressing towards the high mark and the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
"It is usual for men to feed themselves with the pleasure of their hopes" -Thomas Manton

Jan 19, 2020
Sunday Service
James 4:13-15
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