Why Sunday Is the Lord's Day, Pt 2


When I'm not here I miss being in the church profoundly. And I try my best to find some experience that will substitute for Grace Church. When I was confined at home and I couldn't really go anywhere, which is pretty much been the way it has worked out since surgery, I was sort of left to either have a member of my family set up a computer so that I could get the audio from Grace which I absolutely loved and didn't happen often enough for me. But on those other occasions, I found myself trying to find something on television that would fill in. And that was a very difficult challenge.

I want you to know that the Scripture in my mind is profound. It is just profound. It is unsearchably rich. It is deep. As to excel all ideas, all philosophies, all opinions, all insights by all human beings put together. And yet I found it almost impossible to find anybody who would just mind the depths of Scripture.

Opinions, plenty of them. Insights, plenty of them. But it was almost impossible to find someone who understood the beauty and loftiness of Scripture. Superficial preaching betrays a weak view of Scripture, a superficial understanding of its great, great treasures. So it's good to be here and it's good to be with those I love and by whom I'm loved here at Grace Church.

Now having said that about the profound things of Scripture, and there are many...one other footnote I need to say to add to that. I just read a book yesterday written by Leland Ryken, I would commend it to you. It's a book on English translation work. It discusses philosophy of translation...philosophy of translation. For example...

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Mar 19, 2010
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