Why Go To Church?


Lack of enthusiasm for attending church is no new thing.

Back in 1927, Scottish preacher J.P. Struthers published a book entitled, ‘More Echoes From The Morning Watch.' A special feature of this book was the inclusion of ‘12 Reasons For Not Going To Church.' A little picture illustrated each excuse.

The excuses he lists are instantly recognisable today.

In this message, 'Why Go To Church?' three major Scriptural reasons are given why we should be faithful in our attendance at the Lord's House:

It is a matter of:

  1. INSTRUCTION ... It is Essential, for God has commanded it;

  2. ILLUMINATION ... It is Edifying, as we gather to Worship the Lord through hearing His Word;

  3. IMITATION ... It is Exemplary, since by going to church we are following the Example of Christ - and giving an Example to Others.

Sermon ID 3200519645
Duration 39:31
Date Mar 20, 2005
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Hebrews 10:25
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