The Purpose of an Endless Life

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Jesus promises us the same endless life that He Himself bought with His own blood… it is the grandest and most wonderful of offers, but it must be considered that this awesome gift has a greater depth and power than anything else we may desire. This power of an endless life must have a purpose! And this is the question we must ask and answer… What is the meaning, the purpose of this endless life? The greater the scope, the sweep, the limit of the life, the greater must the purpose be to sustain it - to attempt to live an endless life with no greater purpose than your own pleasures and desires is live an empty, vain and ultimately unfulfilling existence which will tax your very soul. Significance and purpose go hand in hand, power for its own sake is worthless and, in the final analysis, destructive to its user. But to have limitless life with a purpose that will sustain and propel that life is to possess the greatest of all gifts.

Mar 17, 2024
Sunday Service
Hebrews 7:14-16; Revelation 4-5
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