The Role of Sacrifice in Worship

The early Genesis account shows that God provides all things
for us; all things come from God's hand.

Adam is to the land what God is to all creation. Adam and Eve
together enjoy this privilege of dominion.

Then, the deceiver comes.

Why does Adam stand off to the side and allow his wife's being
taken in by the serpent's lie?

After the fall, worship becomes about sacrifice.

God respects Abel's offering a first born of his flock, but not the
bloodless offering of Cain, a tiller of the ground.

Blood covers sin, as the Old Testament prescribed sacrifices
declare and as Christ's final sacrifice satisfies once for all.

These and other points in God's creation and commandments
are examined between Kevin Pulliam and Adult Sunday School

Mar 17, 2024
Sunday School
1 Peter 2:4-10; Genesis 4:3-5
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