Hosea's Altar Call

When God gives us men with the boldness to declare the truth of certain judgment unless we repent, we better listen carefully and respond rightly and if we need anything in Christianity today, it's men who will stand before the stubborn drifting church and call her to repentance. Men who aren't afraid to be criticized for being judgmental because we are living in serious times, we are in serious trouble, and we need a serious message. Away with all this comedy in the pulpit. Away with all these soft, feminine messages that don't pierce anybody's conscience. Away with the entertainers. Away with the greedy shysters. Away with the passionless conviction-less hirelings who just do it for the paycheck. God give us some prophets who will bang on our stubborn hearts with the hammer of truth until they break in true Spirit-wrought repentance and then apply the healing balm of grace in Jesus Christ. God give us those men.

Mar 17, 2024
Sunday Service
Hosea 6
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