James 4 Part 3: Mourning, Weeping, & Repenting


Through out the book of James we find tests. That's what has been dealt with this entire time. Scripture is applied to an area of your life, whether it's the way you speak, what you say, the way you love, how you forgive, how you judge others, Who you blame when you make mistakes, what wisdom you live by day to day, how you get along and relate to other saints, all of these are tests that are meant to try you, to shed light on who you are, to expose you to yourself, so that by The Word of God you can see what God sees. We find God indicating to us, that we often believe things about ourselves, things about others, and things about God that are simply not true. And He exposes it all with these series of tests. And then what? ...
God exposes our contradictions; He draws out our sinful reasonings and attitudes into the light so that we might be ashamed of what we see, and repent. God is after repentance; God is after the humble broken contrition of His people. This is what the whole book of James aims to bring us to, and really The entire Bible!

Jan 5, 2020
Sunday Service
James 4:7-10
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