Acts 26:1-32 Paul Testifies Before King Agrippa

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Paul Testifies Before King Agrippa
Episode 47 - After a short introduction Paul begins his testimony with his pre-conversion life growing up as a Jew of all Jews. He gives several statements about the resurrection as he tells of his persecution against the Christians. Paul now moves into his conversion on the road to Damascus and ends with a description of his calling to preach the Gospel explaining some main points. Festus interrupts, charging that Paul is mad and out of his mind. But Paul calmly explains his discourse has truth and reason. He then challenges King Agrippa to believe. At this point the meeting is adjourned with Agrippa and Festus discussing Paul could have been set free had he not appealed to Caesar. Recorded on March 14 , 2022 Running Time 45 Minutes.

Mar 15, 2022
Acts 26; Matthew 10:17-20
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