(4) How Can I Know God?

Our thoughts about God are the most important thing about us. We must know God as he truly is and not as we suppose him to be. So how can we know God? The Bible's answer is revelation; God reveals himself to us.

The doctrine of revelation guards us against several errors. Agnostics claim that we cannot know God. The position may seem humble and careful. But it is not pious to ignore God's self-revelation. By a different error we make God whatever we want him to be. But our opinions of God do not change who he is. We would not know God if he did not reveal himself to us. But since he has revealed himself, we must study his revelation to truly know him.

The two ways God reveals himself are like two books. In the book of general revelation God reveals himself through his works. In the book of special revelation God reveals himself "more openly by his holy and divine word."

Mar 17, 2024
Sunday - PM
Psalm 19
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