This is How to Get Real


It is time to get real. Are we fertile ground or fallow ground? It may start with one simple prayer but it must continue on; unattended soil will become fallow again. What areas do you not trust Him in?

You want to find God? He is hiding out in that place of your heart you refuse to give Him (Psalm 66:18). He says here I am and I have a flashlight, can I turn it on so we can take a good look around and clean this place up?

This isn’t law, this is grace that works. This is getting real with God.This is about sanctification, holiness, growing in grace, and giving glory to God. Get real with God and He will get real with you. Get real with God and He will be real to you. The more He reigns in your life the more He will rain on your life.

Mar 14, 2010
Sunday Service
Hosea 10:12
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