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The deepeest spiritual need of every man, woman, and child is to come face to face with Jesus and be healed – body and soul. In this part of Mark's Gospel, this blind man's friends Jesus to just touch him. In our day, we know far more about Jesus than these people did. They went to great lengths to find the Savior and beg Him for help; do we bring our family and friends to the Lord in prayer, and ask Him to lay His healing hands upon them?

The King of kings took the blind man's hand and compassionately led him out of the town, just as He draws us away out of the crowds and hustle and bustle of life, so that we can focus all our attention on Him. Then He did something humiliating by putting spit on the blind man's eyes. We need a cure for the spiritual darkness of our eyes, and we need the balm of the Gospel to heal us; but sadly, many people's pride keeps them from the humilating cure of Jesus. His cure is humbling, but the touch of His hands is comforting.

Jesus asked the man if he saw anything, but he could not see clearly yet. Too frequently, we are satisfied with seeing spiritual things unclearly; but this man was not. Christianity sometimes works in this way. Jesus sometimes reveals Himself gradually to our hearts; but if He has started a good work in us, He will surely see it through to completion – just as He brought this man's eyesight to perfection. Not everyone comes to Christ in a crisis conversion moment; with some people, it is more like a sunrise that just continues to get more and more glorious. Jesus chose to use a process in this situation to show the perseverance of His miraculous power.

Take notice of Jesus, because He surely takes notice of you!

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Duration 31:04
Date Mar 12, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 8:22-26
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