How To Lead a Roman Catholic to Christ

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Fourth Key to Salvation: Only God Opens Hearts. Seeking to win a Roman Catholic is much like talking to an Orthodox Jew about the merits of boneless hams. They won't even hear you because of their culture.

Roman Catholicism is a culture and identity as much as it is a religion. The key is to get to God's Word and stay there. The only hope is to be a loving friend who has found some verses in the Bible and wants to share them. You can use their Bible if they have one as easily as your own.

  • Use the Bible as the guide for your discussion
  • Use the Bible to define truth
  • Start with sin
  • Point to Christ
  • Explain the free gift
  • Emphasize by grace alone
  • Stick to God's Word
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Duration 37:22
Date Sep 19, 1999
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text 2 Thessalonians 2:10; Romans 10:17
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