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Here's your weekly selection of highlights from the Crosstalk news desk:

--Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine could open the door to greater global conflict as a new axis of evil, led by Russia and China, is determined to control the world's technology and commerce.

--No breakthroughs after foreign ministers from Ukraine and Russia met in Turkey.

--The Pentagon rejected Poland's offer to give the U.S. its MiG-29 fighter jets for use by Ukraine.

--Ukrainian officials sounded alarms after Russian forces cut off the power supply to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

--Amid a ban by western companies on supplying aircraft parts to Russia, China has decided not to do so as well.

--Angry Russian mothers have accused Vladimir Putin of deploying their sons as "cannon fodder" in his invasion of Ukraine.

--Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland testified that she's worried Russia may get a hold of Ukraine's biological research facilities.

--Attorney General Merrick Garland is joining with the U.S. "Five
Eyes" partners to call upon the International Criminal Police Organization to end Russia's access to Interpol databases as the Kremlin continues its invasion of Ukraine.

--Ukrainian Tesla employees who return to their country and join the fight against Russia will receive 3 months pay.

--McDonald's announced it's closing 850 of its restaurants in Russia in response to the war.

--The California Army National Guard commander on Sunday sent a memorandum to soldiers serving in that state's National Guard, which is partnered with Ukrainian forces under the state partnership program, asking them to stand ready.

--Russia's "Z" symbol could become the next swastika.

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