Taking the Measure of Joel Osteen (The Albert Mohler Radio Program)

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This is an episode from the The Albert Mohler Radio Program (01/17/08) on Joel Osteen, where he plays audio clips from Joel Osteen. The audio from this episode had been edited down to just the content concerning Joel Osteen (the other news items of the day have been cut out).

Description of this episode from Mohler's website: 'With two bestsellers and the largest church in America, Joel Osteen has risen to the center of attention in American religious life. His message of positive thinking and victorious living has struck a chord with millions. There are, however, significant theological questions to be asked. On today's program, Dr. Mohler attempts to do just that in a fair yet honest manner.'

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This episode, with the non-Joel Osteen content, can be downloaded by clicking on the "Outside Web Link" or by going here:

Uploaded with Permission from Lawrence Smith (VP for Communications at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Sermon ID 2908103290
Duration 28:45
Date Feb 9, 2008
Category Radio Broadcast
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