My Contention Is With You, O Priest

Most Christians today are undertaught by their pastors. They have very little knowledge of basic theology or the Bible in general outside of a few "stories" they learned in Sunday School as kids or all the "coffee cup" Bible verses that are almost always taken out of context. I would dare say that the average church-goer today cannot even accurately articulate the biblical gospel. They don't know how to defend their faith, they have zero knowledge of church history, and just about any basic theological vocabulary is way over their head. And it's because pastors have been feeding their people shallow man-centered sermons, or he just reads a random verse or two, and rants about whatever's on his mind that day. And when pastors come along who do want to teach their people well, they often get run out of the church because their congregations are so used to milk and spiritually anemic that they can't stomach the meat of the word. We're in trouble today friends, and it's our pastors' fault.

Feb 25, 2024
Sunday Service
Hosea 4
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