Paul's Testimony Divides The Council

Paul's Testimony Divides The Council
Episode 44 - After His arrest Paul is brought before the Jewish Council. He perceives that one part is Pharisees and one part is Sadducees. He claims he is being held for believing in the resurrection of the dead. This in turn divided the council with such an uproar Paul is brought back under guard to the barracks. The next day a plot to kill Paul was revealed to his young nephew, who in turn, told the authorities. They escorted Paul by night with a large entourage to Felix in Caesarea along with a letter from the Roman commander. Paul arrives safely and is held in Herod's' Praetorium until his accusers come down for a trial. Recorded on Feb 24, 2022. Running time: 36 minutes

Feb 25, 2022
Bible Study
Acts 23; John 18:19-24
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