Seven Topics on Today's 1:45 Long Dividing Line


No, I wasn't going for the perfect number, it just turned out that way. But we looked at a video of a BYU professor talking about the removal of homosexuality from the honor code, and how this is related to one's "testimony of the Brethren." Fascinating days in Utah! Then we talked about Doug Wilson's comments on the Christianity Today article about polyamory, and followed that up with a look at an ultra woke series of tweets from a writer at TheWitness, then had some comments on Bernie Sanders, communism, and the worldview implications of his presidential bid. Moved into a longer discussion of Christology in reference to Derek Thomas' sermon that G3 chose not to post, specifically considering kenosis and kenotic theology, and related issues. Briefly mentioned the atrocities being committed by Boko Haram in Nigeria, was about to sign off and then remembered the issue of theonomy in light of a meme floating around featuring a few words from Toby Sumpter. Ended up going another 25 minutes on that challenging topic. So quite a range of topics on today's program!

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Date Feb 25, 2020
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