Matt Slick Live 02-10-2021


Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include:

1: Matt discusses his work posted on CARM relating to the positive confession movement and the leading teachers.

2: I have a friend who believes there is an evil spirit present in their home. What should I tell them?

3: Matt defines and explains what the positive confession movement is.

4: Is it a sin to observe the Sabbath on a Sunday?

5: What do you think is going to happen with our country?

6: What are the biblical definitions of gluttony and lust?

7: What if I've committed the unpardonable sin? How would I know?

8: Is baptism a requirement for salvation and if not, why do so many think so?

9: Are being saved by grace and saved by faith the same thing?

10: What is the definition of a reprobate mind?

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Duration 47:56
Date Feb 10, 2021
Category Radio Broadcast
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