Mel Gibson's Vivid & Idolatrous Deception: The Passion of the Christ Movie



Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest who is now a Christian, provides a strong biblical warning against Gibson's new Roman Catholic/Jesuit movie (which is based on the visions of the Catholic mystic Anne Emmerich).

Bennett shows how this movie violates the second commandment and is an idolatrous, blasphemous and deceitful film, fully in keeping with Antichrist's (the Papacy's) aims to replace the authority of the Word of God (and salvation by sovereign grace) with the authority and idolatrous images of the Papacy (and its false religion of works, which God hates).

This film also renews the classic battle between the historic Reformed Faith (on the side of the Word of God and Sola Scriptura) and Romanism (and this harlot's images, idols and superstitions).

Moreover, Bennett notes,

"In Catholicism and in the Passion movie, willfully putting together the sacrifice of the cross with the sacrifice of the Mass produces a dramatic and a theatrical lie."

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Sermon ID 22304205957
Duration 55:45
Date Feb 23, 2004
Category Current Events
Bible Text Exodus 20:4-6; Mark 7:7
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