Even The Lone Ranger Had Tonto

Even The Lone Ranger Had Tonto
Episode 76 - This episode discusses the different aspects to street preaching using the notorious character "The Lone Ranger" as a comparison suggesting that most street preachers have a maverick mentality when it comes to preaching and an anti-social attitude toward the local church. Our endeavor is to seek a balance between biblical mandates and practical application. Using various texts throughout, we will look at Philip the Evangelist and other New Testament preachers. I share quite a bit of my personal experience answering the question: Should we work alone, and if so when?
Recorded Feb 21, 2022 & Posted Feb 22, 2022 Running Time: 37 Minutes

Small Teams: http://www.lawrencedubois.com/why-small-street-preaching-teams/

Philip the Evangelist Article: http://www.lawrencedubois.com/philip-the-evangelist/

Philip the Evangelist Audio: http://www.sharingyourfaithradio.com/philip-the-evangelist/

Acts 8 (Philip): http://www.sharingyourfaithradio.com/acts-81-8/

Feb 22, 2022
Radio Broadcast
Acts 8; Proverbs 18:1
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