Cultural Observations on the Sexual Revolution, Mormonism, Racialism, and Calls


Wow, what a mix! Lots of material at the start on true biblical justice, avoiding mobs, how intersectionality eats its own (Martina Navratilova), and the use of the "crisis" to get things done now, even if what you are really doing is just pushing forward your ultimate agenda. Then we took calls on various topics, and then at the end of the program I briefly read through the tweet by Dr. Anthony Bradley calling brothers in Christ "Oreos," and what this means. Finished up with a discussion of how and why my debate challenge on Textual Traditionalism was declined. Somewhere in there my granddaughter Clementine called me on FaceTime, so I picked up and we talked briefly live on the program. She was joined by another of my granddaughters, Kadence, both wonderful young ladies being homeschooled by my daughter Summer. That was a fun little unplanned addition!

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Date Feb 21, 2019
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